Retro Porn

Heres looking at you, kid

I feel sorry for all those poor surfers who end up here looking for nude photos. While I can’t compete with the audacious Shauny on a bicycle or Nerve’s Retro porn, I thought I would offer up some stylish daguerreotypes from the 1850s. But as for the person poking around my old blog looking for Marky Mark nude, or the unending stream of surfers who reach here looking for Rachel Griffiths nude, I can’t help you.

*caution— may be unsuitable for those with no sense of humor!

Little stereo cards were perfect for nude photography. What better than a body viewed in three dimensions?

Or perhaps, a bird with a bird?

I suppose since I am one of the number one sources for pictures of ass, I might as well offer something.

Was it a full moon tonight?

Or maybe I’s just that wanted to show that I’ that I’m not allergic to the concept of beauty, despite the image of documentary photographers painted by Ansel Adams. I just find the body a more compelling landscape, and as odd as it may seem, I find bodies more compelling with clothes on. I’ve done nudes, but I far prefer portraits that concentrate on faces. It’s the face that really tells the story in a photograph, clothes or no.

6 thoughts on “Retro Porn”

  1. It’s surprising how many people think that’s real. (Shauny on the bike that is.) Speaking as the dodgy idiot that photoshopped that picture, it’s really not very realistic at all.
    Although I think I’ll come back here for the 2002 installment of the blogger calendar. Oh yes.

  2. very nice,,, I think I see my aunt margaret,[passed away now}. I always wondered??

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