Don’t Knock the Rock

I knew it had to happen eventually— an intrepid reporter from the NY Post found what I wrote after Steve Earle’s performance here, and wanted me to call him with more details. Blogging can be dangerous. Hopefully, he won’t twist my observations into something they’re not. But I’ve had bad experiences with that in the past, so I feel rather apprehensive about the whole thing.

He asked me what I wrote about (er… anything?) and if I wrote about music much. The timing was weird, because though I’m struggling with writing my final summation for Reason to Believe (and stalling it until tomorrow), and had thought about writing something about Gang of Four, since Badger seemed to find them so humorless, just as a diversion. I think they’re one of the funniest bands of the eighties, but then, I’ve got a twisted sense of humor. Another day.

There’s just something that derails you after talking to a rock journalist. He asked me if they played Steve Earle on the radio here. I told him it was pretty much a clearchannel town, and said “not likely.” I haven’t turned on a radio in years. We were better off with Alan Freed. I hate radio, mostly because I prefer to listen to music rather than egotistical DJ’s.

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  1. Aw, Jeff, you know how much i flip-flop. I’m still finding the Gang of Four pretty damned grim, but then again, this is only my first exposure to them… but i’d not dispute that you have a twisted sense of humor.

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