CV (as per Ray Davis). Okay, I’ll play too.

Jeff Ward is very enthusiastic. Jeff Ward is rumored to drive.

Jeff Ward is an artist specializing in paintings that are outside the common frame of reference.

Jeff Ward is a former Air Force Officer. Jeff Ward is a frequent Hadrosaur Tales cover artist.

Jeff Ward is a threat on the ground and through the air.

Jeff Ward is raising your adrenalin, Relax and enjoy this magic!

Jeff Ward is laughing so hard he’s turning purple.

Jeff Ward is now recovering well, he says he feels fine and he is looking forward to meeting everyone.

Jeff Ward is a Lecturer in Health Psychology in the Division of Psychology at Australian National University.

Jeff Ward is credited as Action director (as he was for Blade 2, although donnie got fight choreography credit).

Jeff Ward is a libertarian-leaning call-in host for KLBJ from 3PM to 6PM on weekdays.

Jeff Ward is in the strange position of acting as the “defending champion”

Jeff Ward is in the house to teach us…and he’s doing a great job with this one!

Jeff Ward is the Manager, Hepatitis C Council of Queensland and has been living with hepatitis C for more than 10 years.

I think that project is over especially now that Jeff Ward is dead.

Jeff Ward, is firmly in an industrial style, though — all mechanized metallic thrashing, but it works.

And of course, my favorite:

oh my god. jeff ward is back in my life. what the hell is going on? i guess i’m learning to roll with the punches.