Sex and Chocolate


It’s always fun to click on a link and find out that it’s in my own backyard. Three teachers just lost their licenses due to sexual misconduct. Great, it means that the job market is getting better… But why is it that I always hear about it happening in Arkansas, or the Central Valley. There was another case in Fresno.

Blame Canada…

Is it a coincidence that after writing December 20th about the male bodies proclivity to porn and pizza, quoting Drew Carey, that today I read that Canadian prison inmates were given porn and pizza on New Years Eve? This is just odd.

Conservatives might argue that they should have listened to Britney Spears, who claims that chocolate is just like an orgasm. Uh, I beg to differ. Otherwise, those teachers would have been hanging out in a candy shop instead of seducing 15-year-old girls. Even 400 pound pigs will die for sex.