More Wipers

Electric Medicine

I was thrilled to find that not only do the Wipers have an Official site, but they also have MP3s available at

There is a nice flash promo for The History of Portland Punk and also for a new album, Electric Medicine, due in March. I’m really excited now.

For those who don’t recognize it, the Wipers logo is actually a play on Ohm’s law. It’s more than fitting for perhaps the most electric of sounds I’ve ever heard. I’m so glad I got the chance to see him. He doesn’t play out much, and there’s almost a sort of religious quality to it. But it’s certainly an electric church. Many of his songs just cut me to the bone, like “Window Shop for Love.”

There is also an unofficial site with some interesting interview snippets. I particularly liked this bit:

Standing on the small stage, playing to fewer people that his accomplishments deserve, Greg Sage turns up his guitar and his swooping, soaring songs. It’s a beautiful noise of a power that seems larger than life, with an interior cry, like the eye of a hurricane. As Sage says, it’s a “falling effect, but also like catching yourself in a fall.”

That about says it. Other than Neil Young and Crazy Horse, I’ve never heard a more powerful noise. But no one falls like Greg Sage. I like that. I like that a lot.