Wit and Influence

I’m wondering if my site is soporific.

Gina’s essay yesterday was written around an extended moment of sleeplessness. She used the word in the essay, and an argument ensued over pronunciation. I was transported to a movie I saw a while back, Wit. That word was one of the key jokes of the film, and while I was searching for something more descriptive than the imdb page to forward to Gina, I found a a nice write up, linked to a lot of background for the film that I wasn’t aware of. It came out of a Pulitzer prize winning play, for example.

Since it was a nice piece of writing, I backed out to explore the parent site, RK Puma. It’s a treasure, really. I may be behind the curve because I wasn’t aware of it, but it isn’t the first time. There are fun interviews with Hunter S Thompson, and Woody Allen. My favorite bit was Woody Allen on money:

It buys you a lot. There’s one or two barriers it can’t get past. But everything else, it’s very good. Obviously, you can have all the money in the world, and as my father said, if you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing. And there’s one or two other things that it can’t buy, but 80 percent of what you need, you can get with money.

Hopefully, when I climb out of this abyss of education the money situation will be better for me. But I still worry about the other 20 percent. Woody Allen also claims that he doesn’t feel that he is an influence on other filmmakers. Maybe not filmmakers, but he certainly helped me become more comfortable with the neurotic that I am.

Perhaps I should stop trying to say something when I write, and return to the early funny ones?