Tap in my Living Room?

I just had to show it as I saw itTapping in?

I am excited by the latest ploy to bring religion into the mainstream; the Pope is joining forces with the Scotch in a charity benefit. The auction includes some unusual items, time with celebrities and whatnot. The come on promised Spinal Tap in my living room. This is not at all what I had in mind.

I suppose it doesn’t get more postmodern than this. A replica of a replica of something that doesn’t exist.

Looking at the array of items present to benefit the River Fund, I was struck also by a signed piece of artwork. A print of Jackson Brown album cover artwork, signed not by the artist, but by Jackson Browne. I can only imagine the type of person that would buy that!

Another questionable thing was a ride in Nick Mason’s 1962 Ferrari to benefit Breef. Conspicuous consumption, to help repair the damage caused by greed and consumption. Can you say “ironic”?