Greenacres is the place to be…

I’ve got to put this up while I’m thinking about it. <whine> Too much hometown thinking; it’s coming from the frustration of having lived here for six years and not making a single friend. Since I’ve been shut-in, I’ve talked to more people in California than I have in Arkansas, but that’s going to change soon (I hope). It’s back to school tomorrow. <!– screaming for personal content? well, there it is. –> </whine>

I stumbled on a web log by someone born in Saugus, California (south of Bakersfield, and one of the few places that someone from Bakersfield could make fun of) and it’s main topic seems to be: most drugs: good. Heroin or anything you use a spike for: bad. Not much argument from me. Though I have no use for them now (I’m using those synapses for something else, thank you), I always used to crack-up over the annual essay contest “What Drugs have done to my life.” I always wanted to write a Hunter S. Thompson style response: “Well, I can’t recommend them to everyone, but they always worked for me.” But, unfortunately, this would probably be a mistake for someone with an eye on teaching. When you live in California, drugs are a natural defense mechanism

Then, I found this letter to the editor from the Bakersfield Californian which just cracked me up: City screws up Greenacres is a down home response to the desire to build an underpass for some railroad tracks (next to a refinery). It does not surprise me that Greenacres — and never Rosedale — was in Ripley’s “Believe it or not” for having the longest row of mailboxes in the world along Rosedale Highway, west of Calloway. I’ve got some rather amusing pictures of those mailboxes, if I could only find them in this mess.