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we were happy, but we're not anymore?

I’ve been spending way too much time the last few days perusing weblogs.com looking for something different.

Since I started reading blogdex, the sameness of most blogs is confirmed; there has got to be something more than providing the same links over and over. I mean, Wil Wheaton? Get over it, folks. I do however enjoy it when people highlight obscure news stories; it’s just that I like it better when someone writes something they feel.

<rant> Ads on blogs really bug me. Commercial content on the web is pretty boring, but to be expected on sites that exist to make money. Why to people put banners on personal sites? I can understand it on the “free” web space providers, but I’ve run across a bunch of “personal” sites screaming for support. The usual pitch is “my banners don’t generate enough income to feed a child in a third world country; so please click my pay-pal button so that I can continue to express myself to you here.” Huh? Banners are annoying, so why have them if they don’t help? Why should I pay for your hobby? My space here costs me around $5 per month. It wouldn’t even cost that if I didn’t feel the need to display my photographs to SOMEONE after spending so much of my life making them. If you can’t afford it, just get off. Start a business, and quit claiming to desire independence. I refuse to link to any “make money off my opinions” enterprise.

I’ve also got a problem with geek sites. I’m not a geek. Computers are just devices, like microwave ovens, that make cooking up something interesting easier. While technical news is essential to anyone who wants to express themselves in this medium, am I alone in thinking that there is room for something else on the net? </rant>

So, if you’ve stumbled in here on some bizarre search, welcome. I think the that’s the way things should be. I can’t help you with buying drugs online, or getting laid (the most popular searches) but you might be amused by some of the stuff around here. With my usual topics though, literature related searches are a close second. The best things learned through research often don’t have anything to do with what you first started looking for. People don’t generally look for, or show much interest in me. This isn’t an IA, ID, or geek site. This isn’t an “I can be more obscure than you” site. I’m just a regular guy who likes STUFF. Books, pictures, odd newsbytes, music, etc. I’ve got no agenda except staving off the depressive, and embracing the manic.

I’ve been far too depressive the last couple of days; I’ll spare you the details.

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