On the road again

Traveling in the summer is really habit forming. We’ve started off again, but we didn’t get out of town till about 7p.m. last night. Therefore, no pictures yet. Spent the night in Bemidji, MN. It’s the top of the Mississippi river. It seems strange to cross the river above its headwaters—but it appears that it initially flows north from the headwaters before turning south. It seemed to me that since so much of my research/life seems unavoidably drawn to the Mississippi, this would be the ideal place to begin.

This year, we’re going to Detroit via the upper peninsula of Michigan. There should be a lot of pictures along the way. The rest of the route hasn’t really been finalized yet; but if it’s like last summer, it will probably end up being about 3,000 to 4,000 miles long. This is my favorite time of year up north; but we’ll eventually turn south. Life is good.

Next stop, Itasca State Park. The second oldest state park in the U.S. (the oldest is Niagara). It was founded in 1891.