“To find a new name for St. Paul’s RiverCentre Convention and Visitors Authority (RCVA), the city’s tourism and convention arm, officials are raising $76,000 from private sources to hire a Nashville firm that bills itself as a community branding expert.”
—StarTribune, December 11, 2006

The Rake is wary of this latest foray into “community branding”— especially after the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau spent almost a hundred grand on the slogan “Rah Rah Rochester: More Than You Know.” Herewith, we offer some suggestions to St. Paul, gratis.
. . .
St. Paul: A Hop Across the River from Sodom
St. Paul: C’mon in! (Just wipe your feet.)
St. Paul: 300 Statues of Snoopy Can’t be Wrong
St. Paul: That much closer to Wisconsin.
St. Paul: Come for the Fun, Get Home at a Reasonable Hour!
. . .
St. Paul: More History, Less Histrionics.
St. Paul: What Do You Say We Call it a Night?

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Noted in case it disappears. I live in a Saint Paul suburb, making these slogans even more appropriate.