Chairman of the bored

I’ve resisted getting a cell phone for decades now. I really have a problem with people who avoid contact with the space they are in by fiddling with their phones. Nonetheless, the hardwired phone service up here is just so crappy that I decided that I finally had to come into the new millennium. So far I like the thing. And I only fiddle with it a little when I am bored.

Especially when standing in line for shows. My partner in crime (and cell-phone purchases) has a review. I think what I marvel at most is the indulgence of the crowd. All the performers I’ve known over the years have had to deal with the problem of securing an audience’s attention. For this Minneapolis crowd, attention didn’t seem to be an interest or respect genuinely earned, but rather a precondition of attendance. There’s something really weird about positive heckling. The second hour of the two-hour show was enchanting, but the first hour (and the venue) were truly twee.