These last few weeks have been filled with technical-geekery aplenty. Besides networking everything in sight, changing to Windows XP on my PC and installing a bigger hard drive, I began thinking about the mountain of vinyl LPs that I haven’t dragged out in a while. I bought a Griffin iMic to see if I could transfer some of the rarer ones to CD. My first project was Fire of Love by the Gun Club. I had searched for a CD for years, consoling myself by occasionally dragging out the vinyl. Thinking about “blues” reminded me of a song I really wanted to hear.

The iMic worked like a charm. Past attempts to transfer things always introduced a lot of noise from my soundcard. Not a problem this time, the iMic is super quiet. I particularly like their answer to the question “What are the exact technical specifications on the iMic � slew rate, transient response, voltage, impedance, etc.?” Of course, after I went to all the trouble to transfer Fire of Love (an important album from my youth), I found out tonight that Rhino has released it on CD.

O well. Just so it won’t be a total loss, I’ll put up the song I was thinking about, Preaching the Blues (a distinctive cover of a Robert Johnson tune) for a limited time. It’s a big file, but worth it.

This song is etched on my brain from a particular incident. I was driving to a party, after having been out most of the night shooting pictures and drinking. I turned wide onto California Avenue in Bakersfield, California, and ended up going the wrong way on a curved four lane street separated by an island. “Preaching the Blues” was playing on my tape deck; when I made the blunder I was about halfway through the song, in the middle of the quiet part. I accelerated to make it to the next break in the divider around the blind curve. Just as I swooped back safely to the correct side of the road, the lyric rang out:

“I got religion, oh this very day”

3 thoughts on “Preaching”

  1. great post. intriguing lead-in. I’m a Robert Johnson guy. how limited a time? less than 12 hours?

  2. Actually, the time depends on how much bandwidth it costs. The file is located on a server where hotlinking is blocked, so if you want the file the request has to come from here. I notice that download managers don’t seem to work correctly when accessing it either.
    Mostly, I just wanted to share the file with a small group of friends (readers, not poachers) so if I notice a huge spike in bandwidth I’ll terminate things. It isn’t really a temporal sort of temporary, but a matter of bytes served. I don’t want to be McDonalds.

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