Odd thoughts

Odd thoughts.

Maybe it was the gold-spangled eagle uniform of Judge Dredd, but it suddenly dawned on me that the national symbol of the US is an endangered predator. There’s something downright poetic about that. I digress, as usual.

It seems as if everyone has redesign fever these days. From the minty-freshness of Shauny’s new look, to Alex and Euan’s surrender to MT, lots of folks seem to be moving and changing. If you haven’t seen Stavro’s miraculous floating boxes, be sure to have a look. In case anyone noticed that my boxes can resemble frames on a roll of film, I can assure you that that is intentional.

I’m still in the tune-up phase, as you might have noticed from the addition of a dictionary search box (to avoid constantly defining the vocabulary I slip into, and as a convenience to me as I struggle with everyone elses’). I switched everything to PHP enabled pages, and started using a beta-test script to help manage my links. I figured it was better to do it now, so as to avoid a bunch of broken links in the future. I suppose I resisted the urge because PHP sounds too much like PCP, and I never cared for that at all. Yeah, I know it’s silly. I also installed the MT related entries plug-in to make navigation easier for people who just happen by. What I’m aiming for here is user friendliness, so if there are any issues, please let me know. But I’m digressing, again.

What I really wanted to do was point at Kiri’s new site, which contains a fun little zine in PDF format. If I had the free time, I’d love to do some book dummies in the same way. But there’s only so many things a person can do at once.

While I’m at it though, if you haven’t seen this page of Ozzy soundbytes, it’s rather amusing.

I’ve just taken four seconal . . .

That went down like a nun’s knickers . . .

Things always overlap for me. Lara Croft was up on screen next, attempting to unite the past and present, not unlike Roskelly and Ronald in my current reading project. I must say that I prefer what’s up now— Tank Girl.