Good vibrations?

I used to like to build thingsExperiments in Magnetism

The freaky thing about the snapshots I discovered last week is that they confirm moments I’ve written about.

In the story Wound, written just after my brother David’s death, I talked about building some magnetic project kits.

Well, here is some supporting evidence. The kit is strewn all over the dining-room table, and my trusty glass of iced tea is close by. It’s weird to see what I actually looked like during those early years.

Geek boy in his element.

I did have an odd thing for magnets at first. I’d break magnets off of old speakers once I destroyed them by turning them into vibrators.

It was a cool trick my brother Stephen taught me. Just hook up a speaker to a 12-volt train transformer, and it vibrates like hell at 60hz. That is, until the speaker bursts into flame, shooting sparks and the flaming cone across the room. I have a long history of being easily amused.

Good vibrations? I suppose so, in a childish way. There is something compelling about oscillation.