I bought a little snapshot camera

just for the heck of it

It was such a beautiful day that I took it down to the bridge(s).

I haven’t really ever taken snapshots before, so I thought it might be about time I started. It’s impossible for me to really take digital cameras seriously.

But since I do my own labwork, and don’t really have the time anymore, I thought it might be nice to at least collect some snapshots of landmarks.

But after one short little drive, I can tell that it will be really hard not to want to start making real photographs again. This place is just too bizarre.

This is the entrance to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Note the fine landscaping.

UALR, the view from parking lot #13

The jungle motif is big around here

the view from the patch of patio at my apartment

This, oddly enough, is one of the most densely populated areas in the city.

Highway 10, just outside of downtown

But of course, there are patches of civilization.

Highway 10

This is one of the old railway bridges across the Arkansas river, made to be raised and lowered.

It's not the Brooklyn Bridge

However, given the pollution level of that river, this view is probably more appropriate.

Best toilet in the state.

This is too much fun. I knew there was a reason why I put the camera down; it’s too tempting to just take pictures all the time. I can’t start getting lazy now. Well, maybe just a little bit. It is summertime after all.