2. Resemblance between Man and the Ass. – A round and convex forehead, says Aristotle, is a sign of stupidity.

Long ears are a sign that their possessor is extremely foppish, both in language and action; but indicate, also, good memory. According, to Aristotle, such ears denote a disposition like that of the ass. Polemon and Adamantius say, they denote a dull disposition. Albert assures us that long ears denote stupidity and impudence. Rhases says they are a sign of foolishness and longevity.

According to the opinion of Rhases and Conciliator, he whose face is long, is slow and lazy. Albert says, that such a one is cowardly and sensual, slow in his motions, lazy, and sometimes stubborn.

The under lip, when it advances more than the upper, is a sign that the possessor thinks about a great many vain things, and cherishes vulgar or unpolished ideas.

The union of all these signs in the same head, will be found to correspond exactly with that of the ass, to which it may be compared.

From The Physiognomist’s Own Book: an introduction to physiognomy drawn from the writings of Lavater