Happy Birthday to me

The long day is done.

About five hours sleep due to a power failure just as I went to bed… tossing and turning in nervousness that I might miss my morning class.

But I’ve moved to a higher caliber. I turned 44 today, and I celebrated by having a typical Monday. I won’t lay claim to being a magnum, just an ordinary average guy.

As the clock passed midnight, the power came back on, and I found myself drawn back to Blake, with his threefold and fourfold visions. Not enough time to sketch it out, but I just felt a big woosh as my head was sucked into Jerusalem once again. Sometimes I think I’ve read plate 98 about a thousand times, but every time it just sweeps me away.

And they conversed together in Visionary forms dramatic which bright
Redounded from their Tongues in thunderous majesty, in Visions
In new Expanses, creating exemplars of Memory and Intellect
Creating Space, Creating Time according to the wonders Divine
Of Human Imagination throughout three regions immense
Of Childhood, Manhood & Old Age & the all tremendous unfathomable Non Ens
Of Death was seen in regenerations terrific or complacent varying
According to the subject of discourse & every Word & Every Character
Was Human according to the Expansion or Contraction, the Translucence or
Opakeness of Nervous Fibres such was the variation of Time & Space
Which vary according as the Organs of Perception vary & they Walked
To & fro in Eternity as One Man reflecting each in each & clearly seen
And seeing: according to fitness & order.

I’m blown away that a few people on the net noticed that it was my birthday; I seldom pay much attention to them, for I am constantly wrapped in these visionary forms dramatic. They insinuate me.

I was thinking of that in a different way as I drove home from my night class. I wanted to spell it in-sinew-ate. Perception becomes a muscle, under the skin, which flexes itself at the oddest times.

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