A little frivolity

And now for something completely different.

Valentine’s blues? You really need to visit Romanza! Sheer genius, I’m telling you.

Smoking crack and having sex in airplane bathrooms can cause problems.

This story give all new meaning to a brush with the law.

Fans of rules for blogging and other such manifestos should take heed. Arrogant bastards will be punished. It’s my blog and I’ll swear if I want to. . .

It’s too bad that my University doesn’t sponsor debates on nudity.

And one last thing: Famous Photographer Comics. They are in Italian, but the pictures do give you the gist of the thing. Don’t miss Tina Modatti, Paul Strand and Jan Saudek. Of course, knowing a bit about these photographers helps the cartoons make sense too. Via Consumptive.

Okay, that should help with the low frivolity quotient that my blog has been suffering from.