Fuck Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day I’d like to send a giant “Fuck You!” to the world.

Even though Dutchbint’s Valentines are at least honest appraisals of the situation, since I’ve been in Arkansas Valentine’s Day has been especially difficult. No wonder I’m reading the “hard stuff” lately. It’s evasion. I really hate this damn day. I may have to go to a meeting tomorrow with a bunch of happily married folks and choke it back. Bastards! What right have you got to be in love and happy! Why can’t you be miserable like most of us! But if suppose that if a blogger has a right to command that people not judge him, I have the right to want to stop the force of love. Anyone who has read me long enough knows that I’m only joking.

People judge all the time. It’s in our nature. Hot or not? People fall in love all the time too. But not with me.

Sorry for the outburst of sour grapes, it’s just that the last girlfriend I had left me on Valentine’s Day.