Love Me

Window shop for love

Your case is not so extraordinary, beyond thought or reason. The Goddess in her anger has smitten you, and you are in love.

What wonder is this? There are many thousands that suffer with you.

So, you will die for love! And all the others, who love, and who will love, must they die too?

How will that profit them? The tide of love, at its full surge, is not withstandable.

Upon the yielding spirit she comes gently, but to the proud and the fanatic heart she is a torturer with the brand of shame.

She wings her way through the air; she is in the sea, in its foaming billows; from her everything, that is, is born.

For she engenders in us and sows the seed of desire whereof we’re born, all our children, living on the earth.

Euripides, Hippolytus.