Obligatory lonely guy post

Such a dark and lonely night.

I can remember when Friday nights were spent having a good time, instead of waiting for a dryer. What life-starved idiot does laundry on a Friday night besides me?

Site traffic has dropped like a rock, and it landed on my toe. I was looking at something though.

I seem to attract the unresolved. I’m not sure what to make of that.

It is nice to see that Australians like me though, and that non-prophets do to.

Though I wish I was big in Japan, the fact that there are commercial visitors bugs me. But I’ll just hope it’s people who are avoiding work. I can identify with that. I’m doing it right now.

If it wasn’t for dear Shauna and Nicole, I’d feel like I was writing in a vacumn sometimes. But it’s not fair to have expectations of a readership; this is just life-blather. Every once in a while I try to join a conversation, or say something of interest to someone besides myself. But this place exists mainly to clear my head about things. I’m pretty unresolved, and it often shows.

Sorry for the “lonely guy” post. I try to keep myself to only one or so of those per month. I’ve recieved several letters of encouragement in the past few weeks, and there’s no reason for what I’m feeling. But I feel it, so I just had to get it out of my system. Mopping up the lake just isn’t helping matters much tonight.

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  1. only one a month! i’d be writing one every day if i didn’t restrain myself. heh. anyway. don’t stop.

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