Gorgeous Day

A gorgeous day.

I’ve had the patio doors open all afternoon; it’s been in the high 60s, and the sky is clear and blue. But then, so am I. HBO is running all five episodes of the first season of Six Feet Under. This time, I’m sticking a tape in the VCR so I can get buried when I feel like it.

Rachel Griffiths just does it for me in her role as Brenda. I have a thing for brilliant women. And I have a thing for bittersweet stories. What can you say about a show that always has death as it’s centerpiece? Love and death is the stuff that most stories are built upon, and it’s refreshing to watch a show that doesn’t cloak these things. There is comedy in both, if you know where to look. And that’s a good thing, because otherwise we’d all just run around sniveling.

It’s getting cool outside, so it’s time to close the doors. Rain is coming in later in the week. I love the endless variety to the weather around here. There’s no time to get used to anything. Just like the short span between life and death, and the brief flash between love and estrangement. It must be natural I guess, after all, this is the Natural State.

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  1. oooh you have exceptional taste. she is one classy dame, and in interviews she is always so funny. and australian! you can’t go wrong with australian! 😉

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