Changes afoot

I’d been waiting for Movable Type to go through a few releases before I took the plunge. I thought it would be nicer to use something that is currently being developed; not that I have any real complaints with Greymatter, but there are some nice features to MT. Since I’d like to use blogging as a teaching tool, I thought the ability to manage multiple blogs would be a plus, as well as category system for keeping track of my own wandering.

So, I just set it up. Two hours, including downloading every module and the kitchen sink that was missing from my server. Not bad, really. Don’t look for anything to change around here right away. I thought it would be nice to celebrate my first year of blogging with a changeover to a new look. That would be in February, if you weren’t keeping track.

One of the things that has bugged me about redesigning, the way things are, is that changing the templates would totally screw up many of my previous entries: they were designed for this “look,” you know? So, with MT I can just create a new one and leave this blog as it is. Then, any future redesigns can be made just by switching to a new blog, leaving the old one intact.

I suspect I’ll be blogging for a long time to come, and I don’t want to have to rework my previous efforts, so I won’t be importing anything over. It will be new. A fresh start, I like that. But don’t look for it till February.

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