A Weekend Off

Someone I respect told me that I needed to be more frivolous.

So, it was a weekend filled with frivolous things. Lots of just plain life, unmediated, perhaps slightly focused. There are plenty of story ideas, and a perceptible shift in priorities, just in time for school to knock me back in line anyway. Still, for the first time in many years it felt like a real vacation. I needed it so badly, to back away and get perspective on some things. I feel positively cleansed. What did I do? Nearly nothing, except getting the hell out of town.

So, I’m easily amused. But for the first time since I can remember, the experience wasn’t related to words much at all. It was more about sunsets and stars, about wheels turning outside rather than inside my head. Yeah, so it was just a few days. The other wheels never stop for long, but it was nice to give them a little rest. Maybe I’ll generate something tangible from it, but that wasn’t the point. It felt good to be moving, and stopped at the same time. Coming back into the city, the flickering lights reminded me that it’s just damn pretty around here, even with a few oddities. You just have to open your eyes.

But I must admit that seeing the “Hickory Shopping Center” just outside of town is now “Hick              enter” Okay, so I lied; that’s at least slightly word related.