Watching the Godzilla Stompathon on Sci-Fi channel.

I love it when the voices and words don’t match the pictures. Just like real life. Trying to piece together meanings from little clues, it doesn’t really matter much if you’re right or wrong. The basic narrative is so engrained in our consciousness, that we construct meaning without really having a sense of the full picture. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was perhaps the prototype for most science fiction. Man reaches too far. Gets stomped.

Looking down at the OED, still open from last night I see another great one:


  1. (A person) dedicated to futile pursuits

That about sums me up, indeed. I must say that I’ve enjoyed watching Red Planet in the last few days too.

Sci-fi movies might be silly, but it was quite refreshing to see Val Kilmer blast off while saying Fuck this Planet!. Red Planet was also novel in that there were no cold-war type tyrannical subplots, the real meat and potatoes of most sci-fi. No evil military, no vindictive monsters, just machines gone wrong and an ecology impossible to predict. Not a great film, but amusing anyway. After all, sometimes, it’s just fun to watch Tokyo get stomped.

So much for the thin veneer of scholarship that seems to be dominating my blog lately. Now I’m just getting silly.

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  1. I have been an old Japanese Monster Movie fan since I was barely old enough to say “Godzilla” properly, although when I think about it, it must have come out sounding a lot more like “Gojira”, which WOULD be the proper (Nipponese) way to say it.My favourite monster was always Ghidrah. Maybe because I sympathise with the “having three heads” thing. Ghidrah’s heads always seemed to be fairly hysterically inclined, always shaking this way and that, rather like my own. I also loved Gamera the Fiery Flying Turtle, just for his audacity and absurdity. Mothra always seemed a tad bit slow, as if perpetually coccooning. Gojira himself seemed to always be getting hung-up in the hero/villain mode. Destroy Tokyo! Save Tokyo! What o what shall I do?I found your blog thru (you guessed it) an ego-grep in some blogger search-engine…and the funniest thing happened. The link above the link to my blog in your sidebar is “I Hate Married People”. Somehow the search engine got flabbergasted and ended up showing my link as if it was under a header which said “Blogs I Hate”. As I clicked my way over here in consternation (why o why does this person HATE Anodyne? I mean, it’s kind of uh, controversial, but…?) which suddenly melted away into mirth when I realized what had happened, I realized I had once again gotten myself linked by Quality, which always makes me feel special and good and magnanimous. As in “I’m just going to have to share this link with the world myself”. It is the first Mostly Blue Page I could say I ever loved the design of. And I must know, are those your photographs? They are stunning.Thanks for a bright spot in a sort of a bad day (lost a lot of software to a fucking virus or worm or what ever…even though I never click those damned email attachments and do not even use Outlook) Cheers,DMT

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