Very Xmas

My ex-wife stopped by this afternoon. I haven’t seen her in several months, and she’s looking good. She doesn’t really look pregnant. She stopped by to ask if I’d help her move into a new apartment, a two bedroom. She’s hoping that she can extricate herself from the father of her child soon. He’s a nice enough guy, but a kid, who doesn’t really “get” her. It’s sort of weird. She’s eight years younger than me, and he’s about seven years younger than her, but I think age is a mental thing.

She gave me a present. I haven’t opened it. All I had to give were some Steve Wynn CDs, but I suspect that I’ll get her a present in January. I tend to hibernate during the Christmas season, and make up for it later. I hate fighting the crowds. I asked her to read the opening to Laughter in the Dark. I could tell that she was intrigued as I was. She borrowed it.

She’s afraid the baby will be a Pisces. She said that she’d had to deal with too many of them in her life.

We watched some videos, and I felt horrible because I’d just woken up. But it was nice to see that she’s doing well. I decided it was time to shave off the three days worth of fuzz on my face.

Now, its time to have a pizza.