Syndicated Dreams

Number 9 in an ongoing series

I don’t know why I didn’t mention it before, but the folks over at the Steve Wynn Syndicated Dreams list have put up the latest volume of live stuff as MP3s. I didn’t bother with them, because I knew that the CDs would be in my hands soon enough.

What a great show this time around. Steve Wynn and the Miracle Three perform the entire Days of Wine and Roses album live, in order. While I miss Karl Precoda, it’s a pretty admirable effort. And one of the encores is a song mentioned here a few days ago, Some Kind of Itch. So, if you’d like to check it out, here’s your chance. I’m not sure how long these things will remain online, and if you feel the desire it’s an easy matter to sign up for the tree and get goodies like this in your mailbox.

Great stuff, I think, but then I’m biased. I’ve been a Steve Wynn fan since Days of Wine and Roses was new.