Out of the Pink

I have become such a sloth when it comes to e-mail lately.

Most of it isn’t personal stuff anyhow, and when I last looked at my inbox today, it had over 400 unread messages. From the last three days, no less. I suppose I should cut back on the mailing lists I subscribe to.

But, so many interesting things come in that way. Found an interesting link on the Neil Young mailing list: Gilmour says that Pink Floyd is calling it quits. It’s about time I’d say, when you haven’t had anything new to say in about twenty years. Gilmour cites his age as one reason: “I don’t want to be touring anymore. I’m fifty-five; it’s a young man’s game.” What a load of crap.

Neil Young is around sixty; listening to a compilation CD of his latest European tour, I’d say it’s some of the best work he’s ever done. I really think age doesn’t have much to do with it. When the creative fountain stops up, it’s time to quit. But for some, the fountain erupts like a geyser periodically for many years past when the critics seem to think it’s time to stop. I’d add Pete Townshend to that list; though it’s been a while since he did much that was really new, I think the potential is still there.