Dealing with meaning

I share Jon Carroll of the SF Chronicle’s thoughts on Dealing with the Flag Thing. Thanks Jefferson!

This morning brought a really good essay: What does it All Mean? by Mark Kingwell [via ALD]. In case you don’t want to read the whole thing, here’s his answer:

What does it all mean? That life is full of meaning, too much meaning to make sense of in any simple fashion. That wonder in the face of meaning’s richness is appropriate and necessary—is, in truth, indispensable. That only open-mindedness, and the humility that comes with it, will allow us, finally, to sort good meanings from bad, the worthwhile from the mere distraction. That in the fullness of our allotted time and after our fashion, we may perhaps put together enough meanings-that-matter to judge of ourselves that we have told a good story, lived a life that was worth living.