Rainy Day, Dream Away

A rainy day.

Took my car in to get serviced; it looks like its going to be another hot summer next year. They want $1,100 to fix my air-conditioning. Not this time, sorry. I made it through this summer without it, so I suppose I’ll do the same 4-60 air-conditioning next year. Rented a brand new Toyota Camry to get around while it’s in the shop getting the brakes fixed and the timing-belt changed. It feels like driving a space-ship. I suppose I’ve just become accustomed to the rattles of a Ford.

I have a lot of writing to do, but I haven’t had much sleep. I keep getting increasingly frustrated with language.

                                        Pity philosophies of
daily exits and entrances, with books
propping up one end of a shaky table—
The vague accuracies of events dancing two
and two with language which they
forever surpass—and dawns
tangled in darkness—

William Carlos Williams, Paterson 1:ii