More media twittage: Ozzy speaks out against anti-war protests:

“When I was watching TV the other day I saw these people, these little f–king tree people walking around and banging drums and banners saying, ‘War is not the answer.’ I go, ‘OK, fair enough. I take your choice, but we didn’t say ‘Tuesday the 11th of September it’d be really nice to have two airplanes blow up the World Trade Center. That’s just a really cool idea.’ And if you don’t think that war is the answer then you should go to the country that started war on us and walk down f–king Kabul main street and show your bones, and I guarantee you wouldn’t get one f–king slogan out before you get somebody snipe at you in the back of the head, you know?”

Okay, let me see if I follow this: If people don’t want you in their country, you should declare war on them? Rock stars, for the most part, don’t make very incisive political commentators.

However, this particular bit of reasoning does highlight the truth of an article that Badger pointed to: Depression Shrinks Brain. So that’s what happened to me! I feel noticeably dumber entering grad-school, than I did entering community college twenty years ago. Lots of dark periods have enveloped me in the mean time.