Even more Aptronyms

The aptronyms just don’t stop on C18-L

  • From Maine: There was once a dentist in Windham named Toothacre.
  • In Salem, MA, on Lafayette Street there is a dentist named Dr. Fang.
  • A Roman Catholic eminence in the Philippines in the 1980s called Cardinal Sin.
  • From San Angelo, Texas: We (wee) have a local urologist named Dr. Flood.
  • A high school band director was Mr. Sharps.
  • The Mobile County (Alabama) Treasurer is Dick Cashdollar.
  • One of the past mayors of Mobile, Alabama was Arthur Outlaw.
  • Dr. Harry Cocks of the University of Manchester lists his specialties as sodomy, homosexuality and trials in British history.
  • Two clergymen from Missouri: Pastor Pester(Lutheran) , and Father Fallows (Episcopalian).
  • The pastor of the Bible Believing Baptist Church in Gray, Maine is named Darwin Vail. [inaptronym?]