Took the GRE [Graduate Record Exam] this morning.

It really sucked. Three and a half hours of meaningless logic problems. At the end, I just started clicking on bubbles without even reading the questions. It pissed me off. Just what does this crap show?

Got my scores right away: 640 (or 650, I can’t remember) on the verbal part, 630 on the quantitative, 550 on the analytical. I don’t really know what those numbers mean. I did some searching, and found out (if I would have actually studied or something, it might have come in handy– nah, screw that) that the last part of the test gets discarded anyway; it’s “the experimental portion.” So, I failed the lab rat phase, but the other scores are the ones that count anyway. If I would have read the material, I would have realized that I could have just blown that whole section off instead of trying during the first half.

None of this really matters now. I just had to take it, it didn’t matter what I scored. Looking at the grad schools that require scores, the minimum is usually about 1200 combined; since half asleep and with no prep I scored 1800+, I guess I’m pretty safe. I may have to take it again for a Phd program, but if I do I’ll have a better idea of what to expect.