Postmodern Poo

Too good to miss:

There is another noteworthy book on the way: Postmodern Poo, a not so gentle satire of the lit-crit folks. I especially loved this snip:

New Historicist Victor S. Fassell, Pooh’s ill-fated visit to Rabbit’s burrow—wherein Pooh eats too much honey and becomes stuck—signals the eternal return of “the body.” In a deliriously wide-ranging presentation, Fassell declares Pooh a virtual “proctological exhibit protruding into Rabbit’s none too capacious dining area.” But the Marxist Carla Gulag believes the episode depicts “inflammatory class differences between the possessive homeowner Rabbit and the itinerant beggar Pooh.”

All this makes it very hard to note an idea that came up in the Milton seminar I’m sitting in on. It seemed like a great paper topic at the time: Satan suffers from an erectile dysfunction. He seems to be hard all the time, but can never manage to ejaculate. Only Dr. Yoder could come up with this stuff…