scattered stuff

Just a few scattered notes

Aaro has put up some really nice pictures of Roy Harper. Oh, and a secondhand Roy/Syd Barret story came up on the Stormcock list:

Roy: I once met Syd Barrett . . . pause . . . walking down Oxford St. . . . and I said “Hi Syd How are you doing?”

Syd: [silence]

Roy: “Where are you going?”

Syd replied after a pause “Further than you could ever know!”

There are some cool Mike Watt pictures from Spokane 17 Sept.

Australia seems so civilized: I’d really like to see more public toilet maps available. A very long time ago, when I used to travel to Los Angeles for concerts all the time, a friend of mine got busted for public urination. What a thing to have on your rap sheet. This could have been prevented, if it was easier to find toilets in LA! Why doesn’t the US have a “National Continence Management Strategy?”

On a more somber note, re: constructions is a fascinating look at media coverage from around the world on the recent disaster, from MIT. Personally, I think understanding the media and how they manipulate us is a big key to keeping our humanity in the face of all this. All perspectives are by definition skewed, including the indie media. Arm yourself against swallowing any of the tripe whole!

Personal note: I was just told by a graduate student tonight that “poetry makes no sense, I don’t understand how they come up with that stuff!” I shrank back in the corner; further and further away from feeling normal. Uh, I like it myself…