Just another day

I really had trouble sleeping last night. Read five essays for class; read large stretches of Hume’s History of England; Finally opened my mail to find out that I had the front cover of an entertainment insert of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, and three more photos inside. It’s a Republican newspaper, so I don’t read it. It was from about a month ago, and they were photos of Martha Jordan (Louis Jordan’s widow) and some photos of the tribute concert a year ago. They were cropped in a crappy fashion, a typical newspaper hack job. I’m almost sad I was given photo credit. Oh well, it wasn’t the first time this has happened. I suppose I’ll give them to Karen, she keeps a sort of clip file on me. I don’t plan on selling myself anytime soon, so publication credits of this type are of little use to me. I was glad that Steve Koch (the brains behind the tribute, who is trying to get a monument erected for Louis Jordan) sent me articles from the St. Louis and Memphis papers too, regarding his continuing effort.

When I got up, I read Bob Lee’s post on the Neil Young list about Clearchannel banning a bunch of songs from their playlist. I thought about linking to it, but when I checked Badger’s blog, I saw that it was already buzzing about. It was a rough day, schoolwise, and I scrambled to find the microphone for my walkman for class. I flipped the switch to test it, and the local Clearchannel drone was playing “Head Like a Hole” by NIN, which was on the banned list. When I got home tonight, I found out it was sort of a hoax. I tend to think that it’s probably “only a hoax” because they got caught so quickly. Silly, silly corporate program directors. “Yes, we know what the public really wants…”

I walked the teacher back to her car after class, and she asked “How do you have the time to read so much?” I didn’t give my usual, true answer: I have no life. This time, I just didn’t say anything at all.

I was surprised to see a vistor from the United Arab Emirates today; I noticed that I also had a referral from Slashdot. I wonder what for? This place is about as far off the mainstream of web life as things come; most people can’t take too much of me.

Just another observations I want to get down: ALL the home shopping and infomercial programing went off the air right after the attack, and for a day afterward. Commerce stopped? I never would have believed it, if I hadn’t been watching. Also, I noticed today on a yahoo newsbyte that Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen are slated to perform on a special telethon for New York, from Hollywood, this Friday. I wouldn’t have dreamed this either; all four major networks are going to carry it, burying the hatchet in the ratings war. In America, this is pretty damn unbelievable.