New CDs (for me, anyway)

A bunch of CDs in my mailbox all at once.

  • Sparklehorse—it’s a wonderful life [playing now, reserving judgement]
  • Nirvana— From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah [I’m finally sick of the crap sound on most Nirvana boots]
  • The Who— sings My Generation
  • The Who— A Quick One [both of these replace old cassette tapes]
  • Laurie Anderson— Bright Red [never heard it; rounding out the Laurie Anderson collection]
  • Roy Harper— The Unknown Soldier [supplementing my vinyl]
  • Concrete Blonde— Still in Hollywood [I’ve been going down memory lane with their first record lately]

I suppose I should write more about music. I just feel a bit dated right now. My tastes are not locked in the past, but there just hasn’t been much that has really gotten me excited lately.