A collector of sorts

pardon the mess

In an effort to keep the personality thing going, I need to warn you that you have just wandered into a mess. On the far right is one of my old faithful Advent speakers, piled high with spare change in an 8-ball tin. Next up are the CD’s, a thousand or so I think (I haven’t counted). The hallway shows that you are in a photographers house, for sure.

The leaning tower of books at the point where the digipic is joined is only a small annex, it seems as if books overflow every corner of the house. Books have overtaken the bulk of my previous collecting activity, LP records. There are around 2,000 of them over there, with cabinets of cassettes way up at the top, and the whole array is flanked by yet another bookcase.By the condition of the floor, I’m sure you can surmise that I wouldn’t win any neatness contests. The compost there consists of books, photographs, and projects in process. Of course my cheezy futon is jutting in the far left corner, covered with still more books, currently in the process of being used.

I suppose you could say I’m an information junkie. I take it wherever I can get it, and in whatever form. Unfortunately, most of those forms aren’t very portable. I suppose I could have tidied up, but that wouldn’t have been too revealing now would it?

This spontaineous outburst of personal revelation was brought to you by Badger’s musing over record filing systems. The CDs and records are arranged in alphabetical order by artist, otherwise I’d never find anything. The major problem is getting to the LPs, since there are so many books and pictures scattered all over the floor. The books, obviously, follow no system at all. They are clustered in topical groups in a rather unique, personal, non-system system.

This concludes your tour of the south wall of my livingroom. We now return you to the neatly ordered web, already in progress.