Software and blogging

I was thinking about how blogging software shapes shapes posting habits. When I first started doing this, I coded everything by hand. With Notetab, I could preserve the most oft used bits of code in macros and everything seemed to be fairly easy. Until I’d been doing it for a while, and found myself having to reconnect everything each time the month changed.

I didn’t like the idea of blogger for security reasons. I didn’t want to be dependent on an external server. So, I looked around and found Greymatter. It works very well, and is quite flexible, but if you want to have links to individual posts, it works quite differently than blogger. Instead of internal hypertext links, it requires that each entry reside on its own page. That really discourages short posts. Tons of little one or two word pages just don’t make sense. That’s okay, it suits my style better anyway. I like to stretch out. But I really should use the “extended entry” feature more often, to help people wading through long posts that might not interest them. It’s a habit thing; I’m used to keeping everything up front.

I’m an up-front guy.

Blogger would probably better for “link post” type things; but most of the time when I note links it’s so I can find them again. Lots of other people have more free time to surf than me, so I don’t come up with anything too original very often. Thinking about the interview with the blogger guy, the bias of the software makes much more sense now.