Echo… Echo… Echo….

The Unofficial Love Boat fan site gets over 12,000 hits a day?

Don’t ask me why, but when I was transcribing Ovid’s Metamorphoses(see below) a cheezy history of the American TV show from the 70s was blathering on in the background. Now I have new reason to admire the British and the Japanese. Evidently, the show was cancelled in the UK and in Japan almost immediately, instead of enjoying the eight year run it had over here. I don’t know what that says about the US, but I know it isn’t good.

I spent a bunch of time this afternoon at a site that passed me by the first time: The Institute of Official Cheer is just what I needed today. Though I often harbor the secret desire to club people that are too happy, the acerbic humor of every corner of this site is just right. I played around months ago with images from some old cookbooks, but I couldn’t begin to compare with The Gallery of Regrettable Food. There’s lots of other great stuff available from the main site, but the motel postcards were a bit wanting. I got better stuff on Highway 99 back when I lived in Bakersfield. Meg was taken with the guys regular writing, but it didn’t do it much for me. However, in short smartassed doses along with his cultural artifacts I liked it fine.

Picking up a meme from Dragonthief [I feel so weird calling people by their blog names, it’s like the old CB days of “handles”], have a look at a great way to discourage bizarre search requests.