Writing rant

I discovered an interesting correlation between the amount of writing I do, compared with my site statistics. The more I write, the less people visit. It’s curious, really. Oh well, I won’t let that deter me. I have a big problem with shutting up. It’s not that I don’t listen. I do that too. My problem is that I do too much of everything. I never learned what enough is. Compulsive overachiever, that’s me.

I like learning stuff; you can learn by listening, and you can learn by talking. When you talk, you have to examine what you just said to make sure it makes sense. If it doesn’t you move to correct, to clarify, to examine. I can’t imagine learning in silence.

Lacking anyone to talk to, I’ll just talk to myself. Some people take it as a sign of craziness. Guilty as charged. Writing is different; it’s not the same as talking. You can take it back. You can delete what you’ve written (as Shauna did a day or so ago on her blog). I do pay attention to what other people say, and what they are comfortable and uncomfortable with. It’s a mystery to me. I’m comfortable with most things; including the idea that someone could easily find me boring. I change things up, and include pictures and personal stuff. I keep reading other people to see how they deal with the process of learning in a written environment.

What I am uncomfortable with is physically watching other people write. It seems like dancing about architecture. But I’ve got to do it soon, it’s been assigned. I learn more about the writing process by reading what people write about it, or listening to what they say about it. What can we possibly gain by charting how often someone chews their pencil?

I just needed to rant. I’m done now.

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