New favorite

A new addition to the favorites list.

There are a lot of blogs that I sort of randomly surf through, looking for traces of personality. Links are nice, opinions are interesting, but personality is really king with me. The random nature of surfing makes it hard to put your finger on why you like something, or why you don’t. The links I’ve chosen to display on the sidebar are purely based on the fact that I like these people, as people— not as mere sources. I decided to add Dragonthief. The reason why I hadn’t before was because he lacked the somewhat standard “about” information which I consider important. I want to know that I’m reading actual people, rather than online personas. I’m sensitive to that. I don’t want to be put on.

His latest entry shows a real consicousness of what can be at stake in journaling. But, more than that, he’s demonstrated why I spend so much time surfing. He took an idea, alluded to in someone else’s journal, and extended it and made it his own. Though I still don’t know much about who he is, I’ve decided to add him anyway!