Can’t get my motor to start

I went out about 2am last night to shop for groceries (doesn’t everyone?) and my car nearly didn’t start. Of course, it’s a three-day holiday weekend. I managed to get to the bank to get some cash, wondering how I would get it sorted out before Tuesday.

When I got up today, I decided I’d at least give it a try. People in Arkansas are just so freakin’ nice. A guy at the service station a couple of blocks away agreed to bring a battery to me and put it in after he got off work. Problem solved. No hobbling about on my bad ankle, trying to carry a battery home. Of course everything is closed up tight tomorrow, so I’m glad I got it sorted out today.

I decided that since I often rant about broad issues in things I write for school, that I’d put a few of them here as extended entries. It provides a better archive, if I want to find them again and besides somebody out there might be amused or find something to argue with in them.