Andrew Stockdale’s neumu exhibit

Sorry, but I just have to record that the second photographic exhibition chosen by neumu is the worst piece of shit I have seen in a long time. Andrew Stockdale needs to go back to art-fag school.

Many shots created for the fashion industry evolve from practicality. A handful of photographers have used this avenue to create some iconic imagery. This is one of my goals, and a great challenge to myself as a photographer. My main objective now is to create fashion editorials and advertising that can be seen as fine art. This concept is not original or new, though it is still broadly unaccepted. It’s become apparent to me that fashion photography can provide as accurate and accessible a definition of our times as any other form of documentation.

Fashion and practicality in the same sentence? Broadly unaccepted? Funny, I believe Man Ray, Leibovitz, Avedon, and Kleine would argue with you. Deconstruct yourself, buddy. Fashion is what historians regard as MOST significant. History is bunk. But even accepting that, since when are blurry pictures of gas-pumps fashion? What the fuck does a backlit tree on a busy street have to do with osmosis? But what do I know, the guy is probably great.

History’s not made by great men.

I do however stand by my recomendation of Charles Peterson on the same site. Hair, Sweat, and Guitars is a really great show. It’s not about fashion. It’s about moving people, and being moved. That’s far more important than “definition” of anything.