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Personality Crisis

And you’re a prima ballerina on a Spring afternoon Change on into the wolfman, howlin’ at the moon, hooowww All about that personality crisis you got it while it was hot But now frustration and heartache is what you got Now with all the crossin’ fingers that mother nature says Your mirrors get jammed up […]

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Merton Abbey

Because his Queen’s Square workshops proved too small to weave carpets or dye textiles, in 1882 Morris consolidated all production processes, except furniture, at a new workshop about an hour away from London. Merton Abbey seemed a dream factory. About one hundred people labored there; a few were day workers, but most worked by the […]

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Reading Josiah Wedgwood

One of the most easily predictable things about late nineteenth/early twentieth century writing is the consistent call to dead white men for authority. In Herbert Read’s case, the two major figures he summons are Josiah Wedgwood and William Morris. Morris, I have some familiarity with; Wedgwood was more of a mystery to me so I did […]

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Art and Industry

I wasn’t able to locate any decent scans of the 1961 American edition of Herbert Read’s book online, so I must apologize for the terrible snap of the cover. It’s interesting to me that the design of the book is as much a matter of discussion as its contents. First published in 1934, it seems […]

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The work of craft in the age of mechanical reproduction

The art of the craftsman, to use Herbert Read’s terminology, is intuitive and humanistic (one hand one brain); that of the designer for reduplication, rational, abstract and tectonic, the work of the engineer or the constructor rather than that of the ‘artist’. Each method has its own aesthetic significance. Examples of both can be good […]

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