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Limbert Bookcase

I backdated this entry because I actually finished this bookcase before we left for RSA in Philadelphia and before I had to go in for jury duty and. . . At any rate, it took a long time. The doors took longer than the carcass, and it really made me question the drive to be faithful to original pieces.

It's a copy of a Limbert bookcase from the same old Popular Woodworking Arts and Crafts project book. The joinery is weak, in my estimation. Stickley's through tenons instead of the dadoes used by Limbert would have been better. I won't just follow the plan if I build this one again. I love the beaded shiplap back, and I did add a second knob even though it isn't original.

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Pizza Peel

While working on the doors to finish a Limbert bookcase and dimensioning some maple for record cabinets, I discovered that the digital gauge on my planer had gone out of wack and was making everything too small. Thankfully, I had only started machining one piece of curly maple before discovering the miscalibration. Coincidentally, Krista has started messing around with baking bread and wanted a peel. We went to the local restaurant supply and they were out of them. Hmm. I started to think that I could use my excessively "peeled" piece of maple and a cherry scrap to make one. Perfect timing!

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