I really enjoyed Cold Souls, though I notice that a lot of people don't find it that funny. Perhaps it's the lack of an ending, or mapping the appearance of Giametti's soul onto a chick pea that grates. Personally, it seemed a bit fitting that the soul would be equated with a seed. I think Plato thought along those lines as well.

On an In Our Time BBC podcast. Mary Beard suggested that the best way to understand ancient Greek myth is that it provides "a convenient way of thinking about life." No matter how much we try to rid ourselves of myth, it always seems to creep back in because it provides  sort of "testing ground" for moral concepts that can be contingent on  context. There can be no "accurate" myth because good concepts survive best when they can be deformed to fit the circumstances of a continually renewed audience.

Perhaps the modern soul is indeed cold, hard, and beige. But soul's transformation into an object is the real trick. Like myth, soul makes no sense as an object. It makes a great deal of sense as a practice.*

*See also What is Soul by Funkadelic.

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