Helen Levitt, No-Nonsense New Yorker

The photographer Thomas Roma, a friend of hers for almost 25 years and one of her poker companions, recalls Levitt telling him about a visit from a woman researching a biography of Walker Evans. [Belinda Rathbone? J.W.]

“She wanted to know if I had ever had an affair with Evans,” said an indignant Levitt, who told the biographer, “of course not.”

Then Levitt looked back over her shoulder at Mr. Roma and smiled, “Of course I slept with him. But it’s not for me to say those sorts of things.”

WSJ, 4-01-2009 [Thanks Cheryl!]

House Calls is an excellent book, by the way—I’ve been binging on William Carlos Williams lately and this is yet another little moment where a person can only think that it’s a small world after all.

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Helen Levitt, 1913-2009

Helen_Levitt_New_York_587_67.jpg Helen Levitt died in her sleep. (NYT Obituary)

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