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I love the Internet. Got hit by a search query, Guy Kyser 2002. It was because of a post I wrote about one of my favorite bands of the mid 80s, Thin White Rope. But 2002? What’s up with that? Thin White Rope broke up in 1992. Subsequent research turned up news that Guy Kyser is back! He just released a new album on July 16 in a band called Mummydogs, named after those little hot dogs on the rotisserie that no one ever buys at the minimarket. Still bitter at the lack of success enjoyed by Thin White Rope? Perhaps. I would be too. They were an incredible band. I just ordered the CD direct from Frontier. I didn’t know that Frontier records was even still around. I’ve got high hopes. I love that overbaked, overcaffeineated desert sound. Maybe the ten year rest has done him good.

I haven’t bought any new CD’s in a while. Yesterday, I bought the latest from Gomez and The Church, which had a subsequent funds depleting ripple because they motivated online orders from their back catalogues. They were both quite satisfying. I haven’t had one of these flurries in a while. Nothing much has excited me since the new Tom Waits releases this year. It’s nice to be excited for a change.

Thank you anonymous surfer, whoever you are . . . I might not have known about Mummydogs otherwise. I don’t read music magazines anymore. Thin White Rope is one of the best kept secrets out there. They explored distant lands for a while, before succumbing to the rigors of the road. It’s nice to know that Kyser’s growling voice is back. I can sleep better tonight.


I found out 'bout the Mummydogs by surfin' on the
net and I'm glad Guy is back!
Yeah...I still miss Thin White Rope too!
It's a good site that ya've runnin' here!
Keep it on!!!
Cheers from Germany,